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How to Write Your Blog’s Perfect About Me Page that Builds Your Brand and Grows Your Audience (Plus a Free Template)


Gone are the days of boring About Me Pages. As a blogger and online entrepreneur, you know you have to have your game on point when it comes to your About Me Page. You already know it is one of the most visited pages on your site and the one you link to in your email signature. (If you don’t, you need to!)

You don’t need me to tell you that your About Page has the potential to convince a new reader to stick around or even possibly hire you or buy your products! And when I say potential, I mean you could be missing a huge opportunity right now! This is also the best place to show new visitors that your knowledge and expertise provide the exact solution they’ve been searching for.


Roxanne Ray

The first thoughts a new visitor should have when reading your About Me Page is – “Hey, this website was made for me!” If you lead with a list of anecdotes about your personal life such as I love sushi, I have a dog, etc. – this screams BORING and sends your visitor running for the hills – or just clicking on another website. I mean, why should they care? They came to your site to find a solution to a problem, not read a lengthy list of your accolades.

Knowing what makes you unique and what differentiates you from your competition is something you need to keep in mind.  This is what you want to weave into your About Me Page. But don’t start with that! Just remember, your About Me Page isn’t really about you, it’s about the value and solutions you are providing to solve your reader’s problems.

I created a template for you to use to craft your perfect About Me Page. Fill out the form below to download your copy.

Roxanne Ray - Write the perfect about me page workbook


This free template helps you craft the perfect about me page section by section.

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I’ve outlined the following Step-By-Step Guide to show you how to craft your website/blog’s perfect About Me Page. This shouldn’t take you more than 45 minutes’ tops to complete! (It only took me 20 minutes! 😉 I included example sentences in the downloadable template for you to use too!

Step 1: Know what Value Your Blog, Business & Community Provides

Your About Me Page is the place you want to begin creating culture. After someone reads your About Me Page, you want them to understand the underlying values, beliefs and overall personality of your website/blog and community. Are you fun & spunky or poised & serious? Sprinkle these traits throughout each paragraph on your About Me Page.

Step 2: Your About Me Page Should Read Like a Story

Your entire About Me Page needs to read like a story. You know the line – “Facts Tell, Stories Sell.” Your visitors should go on a journey with you.

People love reading stories. Make your About Me Page story interesting and fun to read. Don’t be afraid to infuse your personality and quirkiness into your story. Just remember, your About Me Page is for your reader’s to learn about the value and benefits you plan to provide them! Not about your life’s story. 😉

Step 3: Get clear on Your Target Market. Who Are You Speaking to?

I see so many websites & bloggers who want to write for everyone. That just isn’t possible! Why? Because there is something like 7.4 billion people on this planet with varying interests! You need to get clear on who you are writing for and why.

To help you understand who you are speaking to, answer the following:

  1. Why should someone read your website/blog? Why should they care?
  2. What will they get out of each post?
  3. Why did you start your website/blog?

Got the answers? Good, let’s continue.

Step 4: Know Your Target Market’s Biggest Challenge

In order to speak directly to your target market and have them know you are their solution, you must truly understand the biggest challenge they face. If you don’t know the answer to this, you’ll need to do some research.

You may already have a product or service that is the solution to this challenge. If so, that’s great! Your goal is to clearly articulate this challenge by spelling it out on your About Me Page. If you download my free About Me Page Template, I show you exactly where to put this information and even give you some fill in the blank sentences.

Step 5: Understand Why This Is Their Biggest Challenge & Dispel Their Fears

During your research, you will most likely uncover possible reasons why your target market is facing this challenge. Is it a lack of knowledge? Or a lack of motivation? Or both?

Take a few minutes to brainstorm possible reasons. Once you’ve hit on at least two reasons, make sure to write them on your About Me Page. Why? If you can specifically identify what the biggest challenge your target audience faces and why then they will see you as an expert even before you give them the solution.

A lot of times people aren’t able to articulate their own challenges and the reasons behind them. So if you do this for them, they are going to think you are a genius with all the answers! Seriously!

Step 6: Build Trust & Credibility

Yay! Now’s the section that you get to talk about yourself! It is time to craft your personal bio & story. In this section, you need to thoroughly explain what credibility you provide your website/blog & niche. You should focus on your expertise as it relates to your website’s/blog’s niche and target market. This is the answer to the dreaded interview question – “so tell me about yourself?”

If you provide a service, this is an excellent area to showcase client testimonials as well. You will want to link to your portfolio in this section and provide a call to action for your target audience to get in touch with you.

Step 7: Don’t Forget a Call to Action

Do not forget this part! You don’t want your new visitors to leave after reading your About Me Page. You want them to stick around. Do this by giving them a direct call to action. Here are some examples:

  • Join my Facebook Group
  • Put a list of 3-5 links to targeted blog posts
  • Provide a newsletter sign-up section
  • Tell them to go to your Start Here Page

It is best to include 3 separate calls to action. They can all be the same or different. Place one at the beginning of your About Me Page, one in the middle and one at the end.

Step 8: Add a Professional Headshot

Also, remember to include a professional photo of yourself! People want to connect with people.

Step 9: (Optional) Record An About Me Video

Video is becoming more and more prevalent and wanted! Look at the sheer number of vlogs (video blogs) on YouTube. It seems like I find a new one every day! Since we are becoming more and more virtual and crave the ability to connect with other humans, a video is the next best thing. It allows people to connect with you on another level completely differently than they can from simply reading your words.

Ready to Craft Your Perfect About Me Page?

I’ve created a template for you that lays out the structure of your About Me Page and even gives you example sentences to use!



Roxanne Ray - Roxy Red

Roxanne Ray - Write the perfect about me page workbook


This free template helps you craft the perfect about me page section by section.

By signing up you agree to our terms

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Roxanne Ray - How to Write Your Blog’s Perfect About Me Page that Builds Your Brand and Grows Your Audience (Plus a Free Template) (1)
Roxanne Ray - How to Write Your Blog’s Perfect About Me Page that Builds Your Brand and Grows Your Audience (Plus a Free Template) (1)
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About the Blogger

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  1. Santosh Moily

    Hello Roxy,

    Your free template for ‘About me’ section was very useful. I am yet to start my blogging journey and was looking for some help in this regard.

    • Roxanne Ray

      Hi Santosh! Where are you in your blogging journey now? Any new stumbling blocks?

  2. Tim O'Rourke

    Hi Roxy,
    I just want to say that I am a new blogger, and I have found your blog to be a wonderful and informative website. I really appreciate that you have covered this topic, and thank you for being a great resource.


    • Roxanne Ray

      Thanks Tim! I’m glad I can help. How long have you been blogging? Any specific questions I can answer right off for you?


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