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An Honest Ebates Review – How to Make Money with Ebates


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Remember when online shopping was risky and people thought it was just a fad? Yea….. me neither! Haha

As soon as I learned I could purchase things online and have them shipped to my door – I was hooked! I’ve been online shopping for years! Even before when returns were difficult and costly.

Today, I do about 90% of my shopping online. That includes clothes, household goods such as cleaning supplies (unless I make them), dog food, contact lenses, etc. If I’m able to save myself a trip to the store, or make it so I don’t have to drive in ridiculous traffic and wait in long lines – Count. Me. In.

Roxanne Ray

I’ve had Amazon Prime for roughly 3 years now. I signed up for the 30-day free trial and opps, forgot to cancel it! You know how it is, you sign-up for the free trails just KNOWING that you are going to cancel them right before they expire. Well, in this case, life got in the way and it totally slipped my mind until I saw my credit card statement. Doink! $90 charge, no way! I remember thinking to myself, “well damn, that sucks.” Let me try and get my money’s worth at least. (In hindsight, I probably could have called and had the charge refunded, but from my current vantage point – I’m glad I didn’t!)

For the next year, I purchased anything and everything I could possible purchase through Amazon. Toilet paper, towels, car oil, workout pants – you name it, I bought it!

An Ebates Review

Just like Amazon Prime, I was super skeptical of Ebates. I thought Ebates was a scam and only out to take my money. I mean, a website and company that gives you rebates and cash back? Sounds too good to be true.

I had seen the commercials on HGTV for years. But something about them just rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe because it seemed like they were hawking the cash back rewards like it was the lottery. Anyways, I finally bit the bullet and sign-up with Ebates through a friend. By signing up through her link, I got $10 after I made my first purchase. (If you click my link here, I will give you $10 too!) I didn’t see any downside since I really needed to purchase some items through Amazon and I knew it was part of the cashback deal through Ebates.

So I clicked the link and signed up. I started browsing all of the places I could shop and quickly realized that basically EVERYWHERE I shopped I could get cash back through Ebates. Who knew!? And some of the stores gave huge cash back rewards! I’m talking 40% of your purchase price! Say what!?

Some of the common places I shop that give cash back through Ebates are:

  • Apple App Store
  • Sephora
  • Priceline
  • Kohls
  • HSN
  • Home Decorators
  • Ebay
  • Groupon
  • And hundreds more!

In-Store Cashback too!

Something that’s even more amazing is you can also get cashback from shopping at specific stores in person! It’s super simple. All you do is login to your Ebates account, click on “In-Store Cashback”. Then you link the credit card or debit card you plan to make your purchase with at the store to the offer on the ebates.com website.

How does Ebates work?

They have partnered with hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of stores. When you click through their website to the store’s website, the store pays Ebates a fee. They share that fee with you by you first going through the Ebates website.

This is how I use Ebates

I always sign into my Ebates account before starting any online shopping. I go to their list of stores and start browsing. You want to make sure you see something like this before you make your purchase:

Roxanne Ray

I also use Google Chrome as my internet browser instead of Safari or Internet Explorer. A friend turned me onto this browser a while ago and I haven’t looked back. They have these nifty little extensions that do all kinds of things. I use the Grammarly, history & cache clearing, https protection, and the Ebates extensions.

Roxanne Ray - ebates - google chrome extension

The Ebates Google Chrome extension is AMAZING. (Some people call it the Ebates Toolbar.) As I’m browsing websites, it will alert me if there is a cashback award or coupon for the website I’m on. So Instead of having to go back to Ebates and click on that specific store, all I have to do is click on the E in my google chrome extensions bar. Just make sure it does the connection like the picture I showed above.

Here are the ways the Ebates extension alerts you:

Roxanne Ray - Ebates - green icon  Green – means the cash back is activated and I don’t have to worry about going through the Ebates portal first.

Roxanne Ray - ebates - red iconRed – means there is a cash back offer, but I haven’t activated it yet. All I need to do is click the E on my google chrome extensions bar. Then click the Activate button and voila.

Roxanne Ray - ebates cash back

No color – means there are no current deals for that website.

Some Things to Know

Some stores have restrictions on what items provide cashback. Always check the Ebates website first. It changes frequently so don’t worry if the item you want to buy today doesn’t offer a cashback. It could tomorrow!

Their customer service is very good too! I sent them an email questioning a cashback offer and they responded in less than 5 minutes! Incredible.

Ready to start earning cashback?

Don’t overlook the power of this website like I did. I could have been receiving cash back for YEARS. But I decided to remain skeptical instead of doing my research. If you want a free $10, click my link here and make your first purchase. I know you won’t be sorry!! 😉


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Roxanne Ray

Blog - Roxanne Ray - An Honest Ebates Review – How to Make Money with Ebates
Blog - Roxanne Ray - An Honest Ebates Review – How to Make Money with Ebates
Blog - Roxanne Ray - An Honest Ebates Review – How to Make Money with Ebates
Blog - Roxanne Ray - An Honest Ebates Review – How to Make Money with Ebates
Blog - Roxanne Ray - An Honest Ebates Review – How to Make Money with Ebates
Blog - Roxanne Ray - An Honest Ebates Review – How to Make Money with Ebates
Blog - Roxanne Ray - An Honest Ebates Review – How to Make Money with Ebates
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