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If there was one word to describe the tribe of #CorporateEscapees forging their own path it would be: Courageous.

But, if there was one word to describe your current J.O.B., it would be :soul-sucking! (Am I right!?)

Most of us have been in your shoes or are still currently stuck in your shoes. While others have found the formula for escaping the shackles of “corporate drone, cubicle, rush hour traffic” life.

And since you have found your way to this webpage, then something tells me you are interested in doing something more with your life, you have an entrepreneurial spirit, and the will to make something happen TODAY, not “someday.”

But perhaps you…

  • Have no idea what to sell or even where to begin making money from an online business.
  • Crave clarity on what exactly your skills are and how they translate into a thriving business online.
  • Need help figuring out this digital marketing landscape to generating an income that will easily and consistently replace you current 9-5.

No matter where you are in your #CorporateEscapee journey, you do know ONE THING – and that is you desire more freedom and impact in life.

You’re ready for something more and you know life has the abundance to make it happen for you too!

But you just don’t know how to make it a reality for yourself. You feel stuck and overwhelmed by all of the strategies thrown around online.

Trust me, I’ve BEEN THERE!

Which brings me to sharing with you my core beliefs…

  • I believe that everyone has the inherent ability to build an online business that creates massive profits and changes lives. I’ll show you how to do this.
  • I believe that most people have a BIG HAIR GOAL hidden inside them that when realized will make a positive impact on the world. My GOAL is to help you realize this dream.
  • I believe each and everyone of us desires the happiness, freedom and love that life has to offer. I’m determined to give you the tools needed to bring this to fruition in your life!

If you believe in yourself, than I believe you have what it takes to be successful ONLINE!

Hi! My name is Roxanne Ray, but I also go by Roxy.

My passion and obsession is to teach people how to build a profitable social media marketing business online and make it both profitable and impactful.

How did I come to this point in my life?

In 2015, I was working my way up the corporate ladder for a large utility company. Five pay increases and three promotions later I was let go after dedicating 4 years of my life to the company. I was devastated, isolated, and miserable.

My self-worth shattered.

So what did I do?

I turned to the internet as a means to make a living. I knew there had to be a way. So I set out on a quest to figure it out!

My first venture was a failing multi-level marketing company. I went in head first and gave it my all. But there was one problem, I HATED hitting up my friends and family for sales. Not to mention my Bachelors in Marketing had failed to truly teach me how to market online.

So I turned to blogging. I saw people making millions from their blogs and thought “okay I want a piece of this pie.” 6-months later I had a blog but only 10 blog posts up.

Come to find out, I really didn’t fancy writing all that much.

Next up ecommerce! Etsy and Ebay sales were on deck. I started to source items from craigslist, Facebook garage sale groups, and the like for items that I could resale on Ebay and Etsy. But boy oh boy did this take up so much time for very little return.

Sheesh, I was getting really worried that there wasn’t truly a way to make money online.

But wait – after building a couple websites, one for my MLM biz, my blog, and learning HTML, I decided to start offering my web design services to local businesses. And it worked! – sort of. I had a few clients here and there, but nothing to make a full-time income from.

That was until I realized something really powerful. Businesses wanted new websites because they thought the website would bring them more customers. But it doesn’t really work like that. Unless you spend thousands on SEO, no one will find your website.

That’s when it hit me. Advertising on Social Media – where everyone spends their time – is the answer to their “I need more customers” problem.


In comes Facebook Advertising. And boy did it make a splash!

My business began to take off. I was learning, implementing, and making great ROI for my clients.

Then those clients started to recommend other clients and the snowball was formed to the point where I now make over $20,000 per month in revenue for my SMMA and have a small team of 4 who help take care of everything.

As I shared my journey online, people kept messaging me and asking me what I was doing and how I was doing it.

So that’s when I decided to be more intentional about how I shared my journey.

If you are interested, I specialize in topics like Facebook Advertising, YouTube Advertising, Email Marketing, Sales Funnels, Webinars and all around digital marketing efforts.

I’d like to offer you my Facebook & Instagram Ads Business Blueprint. It contains.

  • Anatomy of a profitable Ad Template
  •  The exact target audiences we use for our high-end clients.
  •  Our Go-Live Checklist we use to review each campaign before turning it on
  •  The Campaign Objectives We Use & When for a profitable campaign – every time!
  •  The Exact Tools we use (there are only 3!)
  •  PLUS – Learn How to Ethically SPY on Your Competitors Ads for FREE!

Click the button below to get your copy now.


One last thing – I want to invite you to the #CorporateEscapee Community. Click Here to request to join!

Thanks for checking out my website. I appreciate you!

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I'm Roxanne Ray a.k.a Roxy, a Florida-girl obsessed with all things marketing who turned my enthusiasm for Social Media into a six-figure Marketing Agency with 4 dedicated employees. Now that my Agency runs well without my daily involvement, I teach the strategies and systems we use to entrepreneurs who want to take control of their own advertising.