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Have you wanted to start something from home but you aren’t sure how? Do you long to break out of the 9-5 grind but you need the paycheck? 

I hear you, friend. And I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to want to be your own boss and create the kind of life you want to wake up to every day.

That’s why today, I am sharing with you the top 25 highest paying jobs that you can do from home this year. You are sure to find a job or two on this list that you can do.

You want to change your life; now, it’s time to do it. Let me help you get started.



1 – Copywriter

A copywriter writes content that sells something.

Often when you see a page with a “Buy Now!” button, a copywriter has written the content for that page. Copywriters also create content for sales videos and other types of sales presentations.

As a copywriter, you could earn upwards of $25 per hour if you work for a company, but when working for yourself, you can price by the project. Highly skilled copywriters can easily earn 6 figures per year.


2 – Content Writer

A content writer is different from a copywriter in that a content writer creates the bulk of the content that enables someone to establish their online platform.

A content writer creates things like blog posts, Facebook and Instagram captions, articles, and white papers. The content writer’s job is to create content that raises your brand awareness and gets your name and brand in front of a wider audience.

As a content writer, you can expect to start out charging $10-15 per hour but as your skills increase and you get faster at what you do, pricing by the project will be the best way for you to increase your earnings.

Roxanne Ray - 25 Highest Paying Work At Home Jobs in 2019 [BEST] 


3 – Graphic Designer

We all know what a graphic designer is; this is the person who creates the visuals we see on websites, social media platforms, Pinterest, etc.

This person is highly skilled in Photoshop or some other photo editing software and their skills are in high demand.

When you see a visually appealing advertisement, blog post, or Pin, there was a talented graphic designer who created it.

An experienced graphic designer will find plenty of opportunities to make thousands of dollars per project, especially as their skills continue to increase.


4 – Video Editor

For me, a video editor is absolutely necessary. I have zero video editing skills and it’s a better return on investment for me to pay someone to do the editing for me than for me to try to figure it out myself.

Video is a hot commodity in today’s online space and as more and more people create video for their online businesses, video editing will be more in demand than ever.

The income potential for a video editor varies widely, depending on whether you work for a company or you have your own clients. It also varies based on skill level.

There are a lot of people who need video editing and it isn’t a quick skill to learn. If you have video editing experience, continue to take your skills to the next level and you will find clients who are willing to pay for your expertise.


5 – Podcast Editor

Podcasting is the new blogging. Have you noticed? I feel like you’d have to be hiding under a rock to not know that there are tons of new podcasts releasing every week.

And for every new podcast that comes out, someone has to edit all of that content.

A podcast editor takes raw audio content and cleans it up; removing background noise, leveling out the sound quality, and adding intros, outros, and any special music. They also prepare it for release and submit it to the online podcast hosting platforms.

The best way to begin as a podcast editor is to learn the basics and them snag a couple of clients that you charge a minimal fee to get more experience with. There are newbie podcasters out there with tiny budgets who would love to work with you so that you both gain new skills.


6 – Sales Funnel Creator and Designer

If you aren’t familiar with a sales funnel, it is simply a process that you take someone through to sell your product.

It all starts with a landing page where you give them something for free.

This is called an opt-in or a lead magnet. Once they enter their email address for the free opt-in, they are taken to another page where they are thanked and offered a special price on one of your products for a limited time.

They are now in your funnel.

You are trying to funnel people down into the few who will actually make a purchase. A sales funnel can include an email sequence or just a series of landing pages.

A sales funnel creator/designer takes your information and they build out your landing pages, help connect your email sequence to your email marketing system, set up your payment processing, and design the pages to match your branding.



7 – Web Designer

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and thinking that you don’t have any of the skills necessary to do any of these jobs, especially designing websites, let me reassure you. I learned to design a website in approximately 2 weeks.

All it takes is a strong desire to learn and the will to make it happen. 

You can build websites for local businesses as well as online businesses. I have built many websites, both local and online.

You have the opportunity to make anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars. What you can charge will depend on your skills and the level of complexity of what the client wants.


8 – SEO Expert

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO, simply put, means using certain keywords in online content in order to rank higher on Google.

In other words, you want your blog posts or other online content to show up on the first page or so of Google when someone searches for that topic.

SEO is not difficult to master but there are a lot of steps to go through when you do it right. 

Many newer bloggers or online business owners simply don’t have the time or skills to put into SEO and they’d love to hire someone to do it for them.


9 – Social Media Ads Strategist

This is my favorite because it’s how I got started working from home!


Any website needs traffic in order to grow. Whether you’re selling a product, a service, a course, or you’re a local business, you need people to actually come to your website in order to sell them what you offer.

The best way to get that traffic is through paid advertising on social media.

An ad strategist understands the ad platforms and how to target the right people for your business. They have a thorough knowledge of the different platforms and how to best spend your ad money on each of them.


10 – Social Media Manager

While this sounds similar to #9, it is actually very different.

Yes, people are advertising on social media but they also need an organic presence on those platforms. They have to be sharing posts on Facebook, stories on Instagram, pinning organically on Pinterest, and basically sharing in real life.

They have to use the platform as a normal user would. And all of this requires a lot of time; the time they don’t have when they’re trying to do all the things in their business.

This is where a social media manager comes in. You write the content for the client’s social media pages and schedule it to be shared.

Typically, a social media manager charges by a monthly package; meaning you agree to post a certain number of times per day or per week and you charge a specific amount for that package.

Package levels can vary, depending on how much content the client wants and how often they want you posting for them.


Social media management can be a lucrative way to earn money online, with packages ranging from $200 per month, per platform, all the way up to $500 per month, per platform.



11 – Online Business Manager

This position is also sometimes called a project manager and is becoming more prevalent as the online business grows to new heights.

I have hired a project manager to oversee the multitude of projects that my business is responsible for at all times. I own an online ad agency, as I mentioned earlier. And with multiple clients to create and manage ads for, I couldn’t do it all alone anymore.

My business manager also keeps me doing the most important things; things that only I can do in my business. Nobody needs me doing things that someone else can do. I need to be spending my time growing the company and focusing on clients.

To be a great business manager, you need to be good at delegating and keeping everyone in their own lane.


12 – App Developer


If you’ve gone into the app store on your phone lately, you know that there is practically an app for anything you could want to do.

Video editing apps, exercise apps, restaurant apps, dieting apps, and on and on it goes. New apps come out all the time.

If you see a need for an app, you can be the one to develop it and provide a solution for that problem.


I highly recommend learning code if you don’t know it yet and there is an easy way to do so online. If you go to Code Academy, you will see how you can learn code in your spare time.

Who knows? Maybe soon, you can leave that 9 – 5 grind and build apps from home!



13 and 14 – Editor and Proofreader

If you’re thinking that these two are the same, I want to explain the difference.

An editor edits for content. They work with the overall flow and thought of a piece of content to make for a better and more concise presentation. They also make any needed corrections to grammar, tense, sentence structure, etc.

A proofreader, on the other hand, comes in after all the editing is complete. They use their eagle eye to find those last tiny, or not so tiny mistakes that are left after the editing process.

As you think about what to charge for these skills, I again recommend charging per project rather than per hour.

When working from home, you want to move away from trading time for dollars and begin charging for the skills you have developed.


15 – Public Notary

The process of becoming a notary is not difficult at all in most counties and states.

You simply fill out an application, have it notarized by a notary, and submit it. Once the county approves it, you purchase your seal, and you are ready to notarize documents. 

You’ll want to be very specific in which types of documents you will notarize and which ones you won’t. A typical charge for a public notary is $10-15 per document.



16 – Transcriptionist

You may have heard of a medical transcriptionist, but in the online world, there are a ton of other things that people need transcribing as well.

There are legal and foreign language transcriptionists, as well as those who transcribe podcasts and videos.


If you’re Speedy Gonzalez with the keyboard, you may be a good fit for transcription. The faster you can type and the more accurate you are, the better shot you have at being great at transcribing.


Transcribers can charge per word, per minute, or per project, depending on who you’re doing the job for. Median hourly wage is $15 but again, the faster and more accurate you are, the more you can charge.



17 – Online Researcher

Are you the one that all your friends and family depend on to research everything from family history to the symptoms they’re having to where you should go for dinner?

If that’s you, there is an opportunity for you to do online research from home. You can do research on textbooks, legal firms, etc. 


18 – Online Tutor or Teacher


This job can run the gamut from teaching English to children in other countries to helping children with their school subjects.

The amount you can earn with this type of work depends on several factors: your skill level, the difficulty of the subject matter, the number of hours you have available to work, and whether you work through a company or do personal tutoring.




19 – Foreign Language Teacher

This type of online teacher is in high demand, especially if you are strong in both English and the foreign language.

Languages such as French, German, Italian, and Russian command top dollar while Spanish is more common to our country and isn’t as high-paying.



20 – Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant typically does any task that an administrative assistant would do in a corporate position.

I actually have 2 virtual assistants, or VA’s, that work for me in my business.

The difference between an admin assistant in real life and a VA is that a VA needs to understand online systems as that is what they will be using.

VA’s do typically charge by the hour and they allot a certain number of hours to each client that they have.

Hourly rates range from $15 for a VA just starting out, to up to $35 or more for VA’s with experience in multiple software applications and other online projects such as website design, social media management, etc.



21 – Professional Voice Over Actor

You may not have thought of this as a legitimate work from home opportunity but with the huge push toward video in online business, more companies and businesses than ever before need professional voice over actors to get their message across.

There are online companies that hire voice over actors that you can go through so if you have a great voice and can read with inflection, you might want to check them out.



22 – Event Planner

Obviously, this isn’t a 100% work from home job. To plan events, you have to go places. You need to scope out venues, floor plans, layouts, etc.

You also have to visit contractors and stores to get the items needed for the event.

However, phone calls and meetings can almost exclusively take place in a home office. You can video conference your clients if necessary.

If you’re super organized and enjoy social events, this may be the perfect job for you. Networking and finding a niche are the key to making a nice income with event planning.



23 – Course Creator


I’m sure you are familiar with the plethora of online courses out there. You can take a course in just about anything online these days. And someone is creating those courses. That someone could be you!

If you are highly skilled in anything, and I mean almost anything, you can share that knowledge through an online course.

Take the knowledge you have and boil it down to the basics. Package those basics in 4-6 modules with a video component in each module, and you have a course.

Tell your customers what transformation they can expect to see when they take your course. For example, they can expect to start at the point they’re at and by the end, they’ll be able to do X, Y, and Z.


24 – Personal Fitness Trainer

There is a huge market right now for online fitness training. People simply don’t want to leave their homes to go to the gym; they want to work out at home but maybe they can’t afford a trainer to come to their home.

Having a trainer work with them through online software is a perfect solution for many people.

You can provide different workouts and even nutrition coaching through online systems. You never have to meet up in person so you can live anywhere and be a personal fitness trainer for someone.



FB IG Blueprint - Pinterest size


25 – Coach/Consultant


If you’ve been doing whatever it is you do for a number of years, and you really and truly want to transition to working from home, you can easily start here.

Become a coach.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in sales for 15 years or you’re a social media ads expert like me.

No matter where your expertise lies, you can coach others who want to learn from you and build businesses in that same niche.




I hope that you resonate with at least a few things here. If you’re ready to make your work from home dreams come true, you have to jump in with both feet.

The most successful work from home folks are those who made it happen. It takes a strong will and an unwillingness to give up in order to be successful but I know you can do it!


So choose one or two of the jobs I talked about and take steps toward figuring out if you can make it work. You’ll never know if you don’t try. And be sure to let me know how it works out for you! I want to hear your success stories!




Roxanne Ray


Roxanne Ray - 25 Highest Paying Work At Home Jobs in 2019 [BEST]
Roxanne Ray - 25 Highest Paying Work At Home Jobs in 2019 [BEST]
Roxanne Ray - 25 Highest Paying Work At Home Jobs in 2019 [BEST]
Roxanne Ray - 25 Highest Paying Work At Home Jobs in 2019 [BEST]
Roxanne Ray - 25 Highest Paying Work At Home Jobs in 2019 [BEST]
Roxanne Ray - 25 Highest Paying Work At Home Jobs in 2019 [BEST]
Roxanne Ray - 25 Highest Paying Work At Home Jobs in 2019 [BEST]
Roxanne Ray - 25 Highest Paying Work At Home Jobs in 2019 [BEST]
Roxanne Ray - 25 Highest Paying Work At Home Jobs in 2019 [BEST]
Roxanne Ray - 25 Highest Paying Work At Home Jobs in 2019 [BEST]
Roxanne Ray - 25 Highest Paying Work At Home Jobs in 2019 [BEST]
Roxanne Ray - 25 Highest Paying Work At Home Jobs in 2019 [BEST]
Roxanne Ray - 25 Highest Paying Work At Home Jobs in 2019 [BEST]
Roxanne Ray - 25 Highest Paying Work At Home Jobs in 2019 [BEST]
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About the Blogger

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